Thursday, September 13, 2012

Worldventures Millionaire Bootcamp 2012 Singapore rocks!

Finally, I have finished editing our Millionaire Bootcamp in Singapore. Let me tell you that after this bootcamp, I have realized how BIG and AWESOME Worldventures is. The training have cleared my doubts and frustrations in starting this business fast. This is the BEST decision in my life!! Everyday must be a learning experience. One should never STOP learning and must be coachable. Welcome to my Worldventures journey my friend. I am sticking to this no matter what. Let me show you why through this video. Enjoy! by the way, I have shoot this using my iphone 4s only. Good day everyone!

Worldventures Millionaire Bootcamp 2012 Singapore from Dinx Passion on Vimeo.

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