Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello everyone!
I wanna share this with you as this VERY SPECIAL Travel event this coming Friday is giving me the thrills and most of all excitement everyday!!!

I know this is going to change your life!

WorldVentures International and TOP Leaders will be leading the event.

Presenting to YOU two VERY POWERFUL TRAINER and COACH !!!!!!

VIP GUEST #1- LEGEND in Network Marketing & Director of Training Marc Acceta!
Check out Marc Acceta in this video

VIP GUEST #2 - Jumped from TOP #18 in the world to TOP #9 Income Earner in less then 12 months - Presenting to YOU, ONE and ONLY, GET PAID GET PAID GET PAID - Eric Gzybowski !!

DON'T Ever miss it!!
Sms me now and I would love to assist you on this life-changing event. *winks!

My number: 96435138 (Singapore)

CHEERS to your Victory!!

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