Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jesus Comes First

It's 7.46am.
My Kakaotalk is filled with messages about keeping and catchin on with WorldVentures updates and welcoming new members. The energy is sooooo high and I love it! It's cool to know I am synced with others who want to maximise life and live it to its fullest!
It inspires me alot. It's really cool!

BUT on my side.

I still prefer spending my first few hours in the morning reading Joseph Prince "100 Days Of Favor " book.

This time, I really am depending on Jesus.

Last night, I have talked to Jesus about this business. I told Him even if I am having a hard time getting my own people. Building my network, I am not giving up. No way! NEVER!

Because WorldVentures is for me!

I may not a good speaker or closer yet. But I know He will bless me in this area.

Right Jesus? Ameeeeeeen!!!

But you see,
I am not just all for this.

Yes. Of course. I want to have my own established business. Be financially free. Travel around the world. But you know what, without Jesus, everything will just be so empty.

Jesus is the one who fills the void in our hearts. So I am not gonna go on forward without Him.

So this morning, I am on Day 21 on Joseph Prince "100 Days of Favor " book.

I am sharing the prayer again with you.

Here goes and pray with me.

Today's Prayer:

Father, make me safe for greater success. I want to know more about the loveliness of Jesus and the perfection of His love for me, so that I will learn not to depend on my wisdom and might, but to depend on Jesus and Jesus alone. Please give me a greater revelation of Jesus' righteousness, peace and joy that will help guard my heart from worry and fears and make me safe for greater success. When I go after Jesus' righteousness, peace and joy, God's Word promises that what I need in life will come after me!


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