Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello everyone!
I wanna share this with you as this VERY SPECIAL Travel event this coming Friday is giving me the thrills and most of all excitement everyday!!!

I know this is going to change your life!

WorldVentures International and TOP Leaders will be leading the event.

Presenting to YOU two VERY POWERFUL TRAINER and COACH !!!!!!

VIP GUEST #1- LEGEND in Network Marketing & Director of Training Marc Acceta!
Check out Marc Acceta in this video

VIP GUEST #2 - Jumped from TOP #18 in the world to TOP #9 Income Earner in less then 12 months - Presenting to YOU, ONE and ONLY, GET PAID GET PAID GET PAID - Eric Gzybowski !!

DON'T Ever miss it!!
Sms me now and I would love to assist you on this life-changing event. *winks!

My number: 96435138 (Singapore)

CHEERS to your Victory!!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New iPad Mini

Apple will officially give its smaller tablet the name 'iPad Mini' and may equip an updated iPod nano with Wi-Fi, according to a Macotakara report.

According to Asian source, the name of Apple's new product, which are expected to have 7"85' and called as iPad mini, will be named as "iPad mini" officially. This source expects that "iPad" logo will be printed on back of case same as "iPod" is printed on iPod nano and iPod touch, and it means one new product will be added on iPad's product brand genre.

Earlier today, AllThingsD confirmed that Apple would unveil the device in October at an event separate from the September iPhone announcement.

The site also reports that the larger iPad will be updated for the mini dock connector which is expected to debut with the iPhone 5.

In addition, an updated iPod nano is said to come with a Wi-Fi antenna that will support iCloud for iTunes music playback.

Next iPod nano may equip Wi-Fi antenna on side of that case, and support iTunes Music Cloud in order Apple to provide a iconic product to promote the largest Music Store in the world.


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Croc and Human Friendship

Deep in the Costa Rican jungle, a fisherman named Chito discovered a crocodile that had been shot in the eye by a cattle farmer and left for dead. Chito was able to drag the massive reptile into his boat and brought him to his home, where he stayed by his side for months, nursing him back to health.

He named the croc Pocho. “I stayed by Pocho’s side while he was ill, sleeping next to him at night . I just wanted him to feel that somebody loved him, that not all humans are bad.” said Chito, ““It meant a lot of sacrifice. I had to be there every day. I love all animals – especially ones that have suffered.”

The day finally came when Pocho was strong enough to go back into the wild. Chito took him to a lake near his house and released him, but the animal simply got back out of the water and followed him home.

“Then I found out that when I called his name he would come over to me.” says Chito. The fisherman has been hesitant to tell his story, even though 20 years have passed since he first rescued Pocho.

Pocho is roughly 5.18 meters (17 feet) long. He and Chito play, wrestle and hug on a daily basis. That bond, Chito said, took years to forge.

“After a decade I started to work with him.”, says Chito casually, “At first it was slow, slow. I played with him a bit, slowly doing more.”

Chito has told his story now only to raise awareness of the cruelty that can be done to animals, and the difference that affection and treating other rightly can make.

“He’s my friend, I don’t want to treat him like a slave or exploit him.” said Chito, “I am happy because I rescued him and he is happy with me because he has everything he needs.”

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Coyote Buttes, Utah

This is sooooooo beautiful!
Have you been here?
Is this place for real??
If Coyote Buttes, Utah is for real then I'm gonna include it in one of my itineraries.


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WorldVentures Testimonials Collected

In life or in business, no matter how much you try to be perfect or to be good in your field,
There will be comments, complaints, hear-says, etc.

Steve Jobs though how awesome he was with his amazing creation the iPhone and iPad, you can still hear bad stuff or comments about him. And even on the product itself.

Mark Zuckerberg, no matter how popular Facebook has become, he still couldn't get away with it.

I mean, let's face the fact that no one can please everybody.


As I'm building my travel network in Worldventures, I have a choice.

I can choose to listen to negative people or positive people.

Well, here's my experience.
Negativities in life, or in a person
somewhat brings me down and crushes my spirit.

However, Positive, dynamic people lifts my spirit up and energizes me.

So, where do you think I will be?

OF COURSE, I wanna be with Positive and dynamic people!

What about you??

Below are some WorldVentures testimonials that I have collected on the net.

I wanna meet these people someday. Maybe we can meet in one of Worldventures dreamtrips. Who knows?

Because I believe Life is short and spending it on negativities is just a waste of time and energy.

Do you agree with me?

Ok I won't keep you for so long so enjoy the WorldVentures testimonials that I have gathered.

WorldVentures Testimonials Collected

"We were very skeptical when our friend wanted to share WorldVentures with us. We literally watched the online presentation for the sole reason of being able to tell our friend "no". However, upon seeing the products, we immediately saw lots of benefits not only for us, but for the people we care about. We had no idea how good it really was and we have been pleasantly surprised by how the leaders of WorldVentures just keep making it better and better for all of us. We have been on seven DreamTrips now and can attest to the value and quality. We've had the time of our lives, saved thousands of dollars, made incredible memories with our friends and family, and made new friendships that will last a lifetime. All thanks to DreamTrips. We would share this with people whether we get paid to or not. But not long after joining, our mortgage business income started to suffer. Thankfully, the income and friendships from this business helped carry us through some difficult times."

- Jon Litlefield & Paula Coquelet, Gilbert, AZ

"I got involved with WorldVentures on May 17, 2010, and since I have been a part I have been on 5 different vacations and just booked at $69 cruise to the Bahamas for February 2011. WorldVentures has allowed me to meet some awesome successful people who have great big hearts. Not only have I been able to meet such great people but having the ability to network with them and obtain information they are willing to share about their success has been golden. WorldVentures has absolutely changed my life and has created a way for me to "Make A Living...Living." I want to say thank you WorldVentures."

- Lee Morgan, Greensboro, NC
Added: 12/02/2010

"I was introduced to WorldVentures less than 2 months ago. The people I have met and the things I have learnt through this massive family have already changed my life. Thank you WorldVentures!"

- Charilaos Palmas, Limassol,Cyprus , IN
Added: 12/07/2010

""When I was first introduced to WorldVentures I was extremely skeptical. Although I know very successful people in network marketing, those companies just never could get me passionate. So reluctantly I took a closer look, got involved and tapped into the amazing trainings and big events WV offers. So far it has been the best decision I have ever made. Now I am making a residual income, have made amazing friends, and am now able to travel much smarter. WorldVentures is my ticket to buy my life back." "

- Levi Anderson, Maple Grove, MN
Added: 12/21/2010

"I have been involved with this amazing company since May of 2008. The vacations I have experienced and the lifestyle I have enjoyed for the last 2 and a half years have been incredible. I had never earned a single penny in the network marketing industry until WV. I literally doubled my money my very first night and a short 2 and a half months later, I was earning a residual income that has been such a blessing! I have been fortunate enough to go on 6 vacations the last 2 years, which could not have been possible was it not for our amazing DreamTrips product and the extra residual income I now see every single month! The lifestyle we live, the people we meet, the relationships we build - none of it can even be explained, it must be experienced! Thank you for an amazing company that truly gives each and every person the ability to "Make a Living...Living!""

- Ryan Hale, Paris, TN
Added: 8/03/2010

"My wife & I went on a DreamTrip to Boston for my birthday and we saved $482 compared to what it would have cost us booking it online. The hotel was amazing and the city is incredible, and we got to see the Red Sox play twice. Thanks WorldVentures!"

- Buddy Buck, Seattle, WA
Added: 6/28/2010
"WorldVentures has change my life 100%!!!WorldVentures taught me what 'holidays' really mean,and what "free money" means!"

- Andreas Andreou, nicosia, HI
Added: 6/20/2010

"We have been with WorldVentures for a year, and although I am not where I want to be, I am on the track to get there with the help of my team and WV leaders.I refuse to quit, I just keep pressing on. As a Mother of five children, my husband and I have worked hard with almost nothing to show in return. I have my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, but after receiving it, no longer wanted to work in that field. My husband works 2 jobs while I substitute for Middle and High Schools here in San Antonio. He took on the second job so I could work diligently towards our goals in WorldVentures. Knowing that the money will come eventually, is awesome, but the relationships we have built along the way mean so much more. WorldVentures has literally become my family, and in so doing I am so passionate about what WV represents for many people out there who have given up on life, as I once did. In all honesty WV has not only changed my life, but saved my life. "

- Anita Costley-Eggleston, San Antonio, TX
Added: 5/23/2010

"I work in construction but have physical injuries which make my work painful and difficult. WorldVentures is allowing me to transition from the construction industry to the travel industry with as much training as I need along the way. The extra income is a bonus. I will be forever thankful for being introduced to WorldVentures by a friend."

- Buck Poe, Spokane, WA
Added: 5/17/2010
"We live in a very rural area, so we had to drive to other states and cities to introduce new people to this idea. Now, two years later, most of our very best friends in the world are the ones we met and work with in WorldVentures! Just being around so many postive-minded people is worth the price of membership!."

If you haven't signed up yet in Worldventures , feel free to hop on my WorldVentures website

If you're a fun person like me
Let's do this together yeah????

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God's Wisdom Brings Promotion by Joseph Prince

God’s Wisdom Brings Promotion
by Joseph Prince

When Potiphar saw that the Lord was with Joseph, and that everything he touched prospered, Potiphar immediately promoted Joseph and placed him in charge over all the affairs of his house (Genesis 39:3–4). Similarly, when Pharaoh saw that the Spirit of God was in Joseph and that there was none who was as wise and as discerning as Joseph, Pharaoh placed him in charge of the whole of Egypt (Genesis 41:38–41).

My friend, promotion and increase come from the Lord through His wisdom, presence and unmerited favor. It may feel like you are stuck in a hopeless situation, cast away and forgotten, but the story isn’t over yet. The Lord’s promotion is coming! So don’t give up. Don’t try to manipulate the situation either and get into strife. Continue to seek the Lord as your wisdom and thank Him for His presence in your life. Trust in His love and unmerited favor toward you and He will promote you in due time!

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Go WorldVentures!!

This is my 2nd monthly payment in WorldVentures.

Am I going to give up?

I say definitely "NO"!

Though others got this easy like they build their 4 or 6 people in 2 weeks time. I don't!


I learnt it's not easy to build a business. Whatever category of field it may be.
But with WorldVentures? I'm all in it. No matter what. I just need to expand my network, meet new people and friends. And booooom!

I have seen some people who got into this and just gave up easily. Well, that's their decision and I respect it.

As for me, I'm gonna take a different path this time.

Cuz I am tired of giving up all my life and...

I just want to travel and explore the world!!!

If you're in Worldventures and you are in the same situation as I am like having a hard time getting your 4 or 6...Read this one of the testimonials that I found.

"When I was first introduced to WorldVentures I was extremely skeptical. Although I know very successful people in network marketing, those companies just never could get me passionate. So reluctantly I took a closer look, got involved and tapped into the amazing trainings and big events WV offers. So far it has been the best decision I have ever made. Now I am making a residual income, have made amazing friends, and am now able to travel much smarter. WorldVentures is my ticket to buy my life back." "

- Levi Anderson, Maple Grove, MN

If you're not in WorldVentures yet
Do check out my website

Perhaps we can build our team together?


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Friday, August 17, 2012

Parasailing in Cebu

No waves nor floods can stop us from having fun in Philippines. Sharing our Parasailing video in Cebu with you. Hope next time , you should be there with us. :)

Parasailing from Dinx Passion on Vimeo.

My New USB Multi-Charger Cable

Found this USB multi-charger here in Singapore.
Finally, I can charge my old Nokia 9000 hopefully with this one.
It's cool because it can charge Samsung, PSP, Sony Ericson, Motorola phones too. Plus it has a car charger option which makes it more awesome. ( even if I don't have a car yet. Hahah!)

If you want one of these let me know. Selling it for $15 only.
Can meet around Dhoby Gaut, Sembawang MRT.
Just feel free to message me at 9643.5138 yeah?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Word

Some days leave you feeling like Dorothy, spinning around in the middle of a tornado and terrified that you are going to fall at any moment. When that happens, whisper My Name

That one simple word will help you remember that I am right beside you. One simple word declares that you know I am Lord of all and in control of all. One word opens your heart to My Power and Peace in the middle of the storm.

Always remember . . . I’m only one word away.


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Jesus Comes First

It's 7.46am.
My Kakaotalk is filled with messages about keeping and catchin on with WorldVentures updates and welcoming new members. The energy is sooooo high and I love it! It's cool to know I am synced with others who want to maximise life and live it to its fullest!
It inspires me alot. It's really cool!

BUT on my side.

I still prefer spending my first few hours in the morning reading Joseph Prince "100 Days Of Favor " book.

This time, I really am depending on Jesus.

Last night, I have talked to Jesus about this business. I told Him even if I am having a hard time getting my own people. Building my network, I am not giving up. No way! NEVER!

Because WorldVentures is for me!

I may not a good speaker or closer yet. But I know He will bless me in this area.

Right Jesus? Ameeeeeeen!!!

But you see,
I am not just all for this.

Yes. Of course. I want to have my own established business. Be financially free. Travel around the world. But you know what, without Jesus, everything will just be so empty.

Jesus is the one who fills the void in our hearts. So I am not gonna go on forward without Him.

So this morning, I am on Day 21 on Joseph Prince "100 Days of Favor " book.

I am sharing the prayer again with you.

Here goes and pray with me.

Today's Prayer:

Father, make me safe for greater success. I want to know more about the loveliness of Jesus and the perfection of His love for me, so that I will learn not to depend on my wisdom and might, but to depend on Jesus and Jesus alone. Please give me a greater revelation of Jesus' righteousness, peace and joy that will help guard my heart from worry and fears and make me safe for greater success. When I go after Jesus' righteousness, peace and joy, God's Word promises that what I need in life will come after me!


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100 Days Of Favor Day 20

Everyday , as you get real busy to survive the day, you need this to refill your thoughts, energy and restore your soul.

I needed it. I am sharing it.
Be blessed.

Today's Prayer: Father, I thank You that You can and want to promote me beyond my educational qualifications, natural abilities and work experience. As You only want me to have good #success, I ask that You open doors of opportunities that are good for me and shut those doors that are bad for me. Help me to always keep my eyes on #Jesus so that promotions and success do not get the better of me. Fixing my eyes on Jesus makes me safe for the good success that He has for me. #Phonto

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Position of Your Heart

I copied this from "Jesus Calling For Kids" iphone app.

The Position of Your Heart

Morning, noon, and night I cry out in my distress, and the Lord hears my voice.
—Psalm 55:17 (NLT)

I am the God of all time and of all that is. And I am waiting to hear from you—morning, noon, and night.

Don’t just pray to Me in the quiet of the morning. Don’t just pray to Me at church or when things are going well. And don’t just pray to Me with your head bowed and your eyes closed. Talk to Me every day, at any time, in any place and situation—in class, on the soccer field, while practicing piano or doing homework or texting your friends. Pray when you’re in trouble and when you’re happy. Time with Me is what matters, not what time it is.

You can talk to Me lying down, sitting up, or with arms stretched up to heaven. Your eyes can be opened or closed. I don’t care about the position of your body—I care about the position of your heart. And when your heart is seeking Me, I will hear you.

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Jesus Calling For Kids iphone App

If you're a techy Believer like me,
You will love this iphone app from Sarah Young - "Jesus Calling For Kids" iphone / ipad app.

It has a 7 day trial period and you can purchase the full version of the app from there on.

It gives you 365 Days daily devotionals which you can access from almost anywhere.

My favorite part is when after reading,
You can share it on Facebook or Twitter or email.

You can select which part of the devotional you want to share. As for me, I prefer to share everything and just give credit on the person.

It has cool menus too.

You can gift this iphone app too
by following this instruction.

Cool huh?

Install now and feed your soul wherever you go!

It's A MUST these days.

See you on my next blog.

Don't forget to subscribe!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Just A Reminder

“We can't, and we should not, compare sufferings. We come together as a family of God, hand in hand. And then together coming and standing upon the promises of God, knowing that no matter who you are, no matter what you're going through, that God knows it, He is with you, He is going to pull you through.”

― Nick Vujicic

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Our Covenant-Keeping God

When God promised to give Abraham land, Abraham asked, “God, how can I be sure?” And as if His word wasn’t good enough, God went one step further and cut a covenant with Abraham, binding Himself irrevocably to it to reassure His friend that He would do as promised (Genesis 15:7–8, 18).

Let me say something about God’s covenants. They can never be broken, only replaced with a better one. My friend, God will do as He has promised you, and to set your heart at ease, He bound Himself to a covenant with you when He cut it with your representative, Jesus, at Calvary.

So rest easy in the knowledge that you have a covenant-keeping God who CANNOT break His covenant or renege on His promises. Simply lean on His faithfulness and like Abraham, you will walk in your inheritance and healing.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don't Settle For Five-Minute Grace by Joseph Prince

One reason many Christians fret and worry instead of turn to God when they face challenges is that they see His grace as limited. Just as they see their time as limited, their savings as limited and the earth’s natural resources as limited, so they rationalize that God’s grace must also be limited. How unfortunate it is when modern-day believers understand the word “grace” in terms of car parking charges—the five-minute “grace” period before the charges apply!

Beloved, when it comes to the Lord’s grace, you must know that it is UNLIMITED! It’s INFINITE! Who can fathom the depths of His immeasurable grace?

That’s why God doesn’t want you to take just a pinch of His grace once in a while and worry the rest of the time. No, He wants you to take an abundance of it every single day for every single situation! Don’t take just “five minutes” of grace. Take an abundance of it. That’s how you live at rest and reign in life!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blessed With Every Pneumatikos Blessing by Joseph Prince

Blessed With Every Pneumatikos Blessing by Joseph Prince

Ephesians 1:3
3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,

Some people think that the term “spiritual blessing” refers to only non-visible and intangible blessings like peace and joy. To them, God’s promise of “every spiritual blessing” excludes the tangible blessings of health, prosperity, a healthy marriage and so on. They say things like, “Don’t expect God to remove this tumor because our blessings are only spiritual.”

Beloved, do you know what the word “spiritual” here means? In the original Greek text, it is pneumatikos, which in this context means having properties and characteristics belonging to the Spirit of God. So if you have the pneumatikos blessing of health, for example, it means that it is of the Spirit of God, and therefore does not depend on your exercising or dieting.

A church member had high blood pressure which did not normalize even after he started exercising and eating well. So he stopped being preoccupied with his exercise and diet regimes, and simply rested in the truth that a normal blood pressure was a pneumatikos blessing from God already given to him. In a short time, his blood pressure came down to a healthy level!

The same goes for the pneumatikos blessing of prosperity. It is of the Spirit of God and does not depend on our toiling seven days a week or monitoring the stock market closely.

A church member, who owns a small company, received her pneumatikos blessing of prosperity when she believed that God would cause her small company to be publicly listed. He did. In fact, the company was over-subscribed seven times within the first week! Later on, it even made inroads into Dubai in the Middle East. For a woman to find favor in a male-dominated society like Dubai, it can only be the pneumatikos blessing of favor, which is not subject to the laws of man.

My friend, believe that you have received every pneumatikos blessing, and you will find yourself enjoying blessings that are eternal, just as God is eternal, and of a quality that only the Spirit of God can give!

© Copyright Joseph Prince, 2006. All rights reserved.
No part of this document or any related files may be modified, adapted, reproduced, distributed
and/or converted in any form and by any means (electronic, photocopying or otherwise)
without express written consent of the copyright holder.

All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the New King James Version ®.
Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2006–2012 New Creation Church

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Keep Hearing About Jesus

Listening To God’s Word!
By Joseph Prince

We are coming to a place in church history where what happened in the early church is happening in the body of Christ today. In the early church, as the Word went forth in Cornelius’ home, God filled the people there with the Holy Spirit. As Paul was preaching one day in Lystra, a lame man jumped up and walked at Paul’s command.

I’m seeing such miracles happen more and more in our church. I know of a lady who was healed of cancer this way. No one laid hands on her. I didn’t pray for her. I had never even seen her or known about her until she shared her testimony in our church. Just by listening to my sermon CDs, her healing began to manifest until she was completely healed!

Another man had his deaf ear pop open just by listening to one of my sermon CDs. Healings are taking place as the Word goes forth. God uses the foolishness of preaching to save, heal and deliver people (1 Corinthians 1:21)! That’s His delivery system. It’s via the means of preaching and teaching that people receive their miracles.

My friend, that is the power of God unto salvation when the gospel is preached. So keep hearing preaching that is full of the gospel of grace. Keep hearing about Jesus and what He has accomplished for you at the cross. And as the Word goes forth, the power of God for your healing, prosperity and del iverance will suddenly break forth!

Joseph Prince

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No More Giving Up!!!

I have made commitment to myself.
This time I'm gonna put all of my energy and creativity in my networking business...
That's Worldventures!

This thing is for me.
I love fun, meeting people, travel and investing at the same time. Worldventure is rolled into one.

I believe Worldventures is going to take me to one of my dream destinations.... ISRAEL!

See the very cheap Hotel package that Worldventures is offering to its members.
Check this out!

Awesome right??

I want to walk where Jesus walked and traveled. I wanna visit Jesus' country and place of birth Jerusalem. And I strongly believe
Jesus has led me to Worldventures!!!


Ok so to all newbie network marketers like me ...

Don't let doubters, dream stealers pull you down.

Let these awesome BIG people
lift you up and move on to make your dream come true!

And most important of all.

PRAY. And share this journey with Jesus.
He will give you strength and direction. And I believe He will give you the right people to build your network.

Do not despair. Because in Jesus you are on the right track and He will bless your path.

Learn from one of these BIG people too who are already there.

"Of all the entrepreneurial opportunities available today, one of the most important is direct selling, also called network marketing.”

— Paul Zane Pilzer, Famous Economist and Best-selling Author

Do check out my WorldVentures site if you have time :

See you on my my next journey Beloveds.

It's getting soooo exciting

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