Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Install GraviBoard on the iPad, iPhone, Ipodtouch

I'm a simple and not so complicated person.
All I wanted was to edit my videos wherever I go.

Forward to this moment...

Lo, and behold! Apple has granted my wishes!

See, I'm wearing a BIG smile.

Now I can edit videos using my iPad practically wherever, whenever I go.

Showing you my first HowTo Video editing project with the help of
iPad's new app, iMovie...

I'm amazed! and all I can keep saying is "WOOOOOOW!"

Apple rocks!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Apple iPad 2 stars in vacation videos

I think it's time to update ...mmmmm....

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Vacations can lead to lots of idle downtime for browsing photo galleries and videos. But what about editing and producing some short movie gems on the fly?

Luckily, Apple’s iPad 2 was packed for this two-week New Zealand trip. It was included to use e-mail andSkype, plan travels, play endless hours of Angry Birds — and shoot and edit high-definition video on the go.
The iPad’s nearly 10-inch sexy screen was a natural for reviewing homemade videos right on the spot. Spectators were amazed when showed newly captured footage of erupting geysers or Kiwi bungee jumpers.
And courtesy of Apple’s $4.99 iMovie app and rival video programs ReelDirector and Splice, you can turn these little productions into mini video postcards. It’s then a breeze to get them right onto Facebook, direct from your motel room. You don't have to wait until you get home. Nor do you have to worry that your creation will forever rot in your camera.
The New Zealand trip yielded four finished iPad-produced pieces. There would have been more had it been possible to include the video clips shot and imported from other cameras into the iPad. But they don’t work in iMovie without going through a serious workaround. More on that in a moment.
First, let’s talk about the iPad 2 as a video-capture device. The pros are big: a huge screen, instant gratification, exceptional video quality in good light. But the cons are many: no flash, no zoom and it’s bulky. It does not fit well into a pocket or tote. There’s no tripod mount for it either, so your finished video could get quite shaky. And the unsteadiness is much more noticeable on the larger screen.
That issue can be fixed by using instant crutches — like positioning the iPad on a fence, a desk, the ground, anything to keep it steady.
On the trip, point-and-shoot cameras from Canon, NikonSony and Panasonic were also brought along, to test out for future reviews, and they all had the features the iPad lacks: zoom, flash, tripod mounts, removable memory and better lenses.
In each case, the video quality from the cameras was sharper and crisper, especially on the Canon PowerShot S95.
But none had that huge tablet screen for monitoring the video. Nor the add-on features that people love about the iPad, such as the Web browser and all those apps. And you can’t make a video on a Canon camera, edit it right there on the spot, click a button and send it directly to Facebook.
So let’s get back to the editing process. Apple’s mobile iMovie, introduced for the iPhone 4 in 2010, is a nifty little program that will trim the excess from your clips and put in menus, titles, music and sound effects. You also get the ability to record voice-overs for narration. But it has some shortcomings.
In iMovie, you begin with your raw video footage, and Apple gives you three choices: video — most likely from the iPad — photos from the “camera roll” and music from your iPad.
The bad part is that you won’t be able to access video clips shot on other cameras and imported into the iPad. So if you plan on editing while on vacation, using a variety of video sources, you’re out of luck unless you also bring a laptop — and that’s a pain.
To convert, you’ll need to import the footage to a computer and iTunes, click the Advanced tab, and click the “convert to iPad” tab. Then you’ll need to sync the laptop and iPad to get the video back onto the tablet.
This step was especially frustrating, as the clips from the Canon and Nikon cameras had already been imported and played just fine on the iPad — but were non-existent in iMovie.
Fortunately, the App Store offers other video programs. Yet there are only a few video-editing tools there. Both Splice — which has a free version — but you'll need to spend for transitions, background music and other features — and ReelDirector, which goes for $1.99, were at the top of the list. Both came in handy on the trip by allowing point-and-shoot camera footage along with the iPad footage.
Those programs are bare-bones compared with iMovie, though. ReelDirector is the better of two, but unlike iMovie, you won't get menus, audio-editing controls or one-click uploads here.
Still, after spending time editing with the iPad 2 when it first came out, then in New Zealand on travel videos, here’s what would be nice to see in iMovie: easier trimming of videos, more transitions, manual options on photo zooms, more menu choices, better control of video titles and more fadeout controls.
Let’s face it, though. Most people never get around to editing their videos. So having easy-to-obtain software on a device that lets you edit anywhere, like the iPad, will, hopefully, result in more polished videos. This is a great start.
But just as with games, which bring you in for a small fee then sell you add-ons, Apple might just have a good market for iMovie add-ons, either with tools or a more robust iMovie Pro version.
Here’s one customer ready to fork over another $5 or more before starting the next video.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whatsapp Messenger ver 2.6.3 Update

Whatsapp Messenger latest update now can Group Chat up to 10 members.
I shall wait when it becomes unlimited. But I think 10 members should be enough for the moment.
Update now!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

I Tithe Because I Have An Awesome God!

This month I have no excuse.
I tithed.

This is not my first time tithing though. Last time, I tithed only whenever I feel like it wandering if God's gona bless me back and all. Full of fears saying ," ahhh I tithed 10% of my salary already waaah thats quite a lot. " then come the next few months which gave me lots of excuses not to tithe again. 
It wasn't consistent. Maybe because I haven't had a full revelation of it yet.

Now, I'm back. And I feel God is leading me to it.
This time I tithe with a different level of truth.

I tithe because I've decided to make God as my partner in my finances. 

Also, I do it as an appreciation because He has been so good to me in all areas of my life. 
Like my health. I know He has kept me well because since I accepted Jesus as my healer, I have never been down with a flu, fever or cough. Not even runny nose could last a minute in me. Thats a wow for me!

Plus He has blessed me with my relationships. Granted alot of favours, protected me and you know, just kept on blessing me. Thank you Lord!

I'm amazed....The list could go on forever if I'm gona do it here. :)


Let's just say now, I tithe based on God's truth. And this time around, I wana make it as a commitment to Him. My reasons today might be abit shaky but I believe He's gona show me how and why this has to happen in my life. Part of my destiny is to TITHE.

I believe,  with few more months of tithing, before I knew it, I'm gona be up and so into it full of love and joy simply because I'm overflowing with His love for me. 

It shall come. Yes. it shall come.

I won't tithe based on my emotions and own thinking anymore because I know the devil will have the opportunity in holding me back. So beware!

I'm quite excited. The moment shall come that I will tithe because I wana bless an awesome God! (of course God doesn't need my money. It's peanuts for Him. He just loves it when we acknowledge Him more than our hard-earned money . It's telling Him , He is our God!)

Ok now, just sit back and relax. Someday we will all know. So please I urge you to bookmark this thread. I feel exciting things are about to happen. Really! Not just to me but to you who's been following and patiently reading this blog.

To continue...

I will tithe...

....because that's my future.

I will be a Giver. Not a lender.

A "Blesser" not a receiver.

Like some old adage goes,
"It's better to give than to receive!"


Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

Malachi 3:10


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I got this missing pet alert from Sam Choo ..I'm posting it here to help find Lucky and other missing pets. Pls. help spread around .Thank you.

It is not a lucky day for Lucky cos she is missing.

 LUCKY the husky-whippet cross was lost in the vicinity of 2 Lew Lian Vale, Jade Tower near Serangoon Nex yesterday.  She has her harness and leash still on. She heard a loud noise and dashed off between Bartley Road and How Sun Road.

Please help the owners find her. She has been through so much and finally found a good home. The owners Christine and Marcus are so very sad and worried. Please help them keep a lookout for her. She is vaccinated, micro chipped and sterilized.

Name:    Lucky
Breed:    Whippet-Husky Cross
Gender    Female
Age    2 years old
Microchip    Ends with 626
Color    Off white. Her eyes are two different colours. One brown and one white
Last Seen    The road between Bartley and How Sun Road
Date Missing    13 April 2011, 6pm
Reward    Reward will be given for safe return
Owner    Christine/Marcus
Owner's Contact    9793-7162/9697-3491
Appeal by owner     LUCKY the husky-whippet cross was lost in the vicinity of 2 Lew Lian Vale, Jade Tower near Serangoon Nex on 13th April She has her harness and leash still on. She heard a loud noise and dashed off between Bartley Road and How Sun Road. Please help us find her. She has been through so much and finally found a good home. We are so very sad and worried. Please help us keep a lookout for her. She is vaccinated, micro chipped and sterilized. Reward for safe return. Please help

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


COCO, a 5 month old Yorkshire Terrier went missing at Banyan Villas, 64 Lentor Road (Singapore 786571) on 9th April 2011 at about 9:30 am. She went under the garden gate and stood there. She vanished in half an hour. Someone must have taken her from then on.

Breed:Yorkshire Terrier
Age5 months
ColorBlack & Brown
Last SeenBanyan Villas, 64 Lentor Road 786571
Date Missing9th April 9:30 am.
RewardReward will be given for safe return
Owner's Contacttel 9446-2888 or email
Appeal by ownerWe think she went under garden gate and stood there. Someone must have taken her from then on.
Posterspdfjpg format