Wednesday, December 7, 2011

$800 Reward For Missing Yorkie

Yorkie, a male Yorkshire Terrier was lost at Jalan Naung and last seen at the Hougang Central Bus Interchange on 2 Dec 2011.

Daughter is heartbroken when she heard that news. Yorkie is one of their family members and accompanied the daughter for 7 years.

Yorkie is black and grey-white, age 7, and small puppy size. If you have seen her, please contact 91122734.

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Location:Yishun Avenue 3,,Singapore

Saturday, November 19, 2011

God Is With You Today!

Don't let a disappointment devastate you! If your plan didn't work, then get a new plan and try again. God is with you today to lift your head, and put a smile on your face.

-Joyce Meyer

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Have You Seen a Missing Female Shih Tzu at Jurong West?

QQ was missing 4 months ago and was found through She is now missing again. Here's the detail. Please help to pass the words around and if you happen to be in the vicinity, please help to look out. Thanks.


Have You Seen a Missing Female Shih Tzu at Jurong West?

QQ, a female Shih Tzu is missing at Blk 678A, Jurong West St 64 since the morning of 21st Oct 2011. She is black and white in color, 4 years old, small size, and has a microchip
(ending with 1804). Reward for safe return.

Contact details and photos at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

$200 Reward For Missing Yorkshire Terrier

This is the second time I have come across a case of a pet being stolen in broad daylight. Here's the story:

Help! Wookie, a male an/black Yorkshire Terrier was stolen on 18th Oct 2011 by 2 people in a light grey car at Jalan Mulia, Macpherson Garden Estate. Wookie weighs about 4kg. He has a bump on his forehead and is wearing a blue collar with our old UK details on it. He is micro chipped.

If you have any info on Wookie, please contact owner Paul. Reward of $200 for safe return.

Photos and details at

Please help to pass the word around. Maybe in future, if we can embed a pet with a GPS so we can track their whereabout. Anyone happens to have a list of emails of all the pets shops in Singapore. I would love to alert the shops in case the thief try to sell it to the shops.

From Sam Choo

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ripley's Believe It or Not Rocks at Genting Highlands Malaysia

Finally, I have edited one of the series in my Kuala Lumpur Trip/ (Lolx) This is how Steve Jobs has changed my life. Video editing has become such a breeze with ipads and iphones around. Thank you Steve! You've done a great job while you were here on earth. Gona miss your cool inventions.:( Showing you some parts of my Malaysia Trip. This the moment when we went to Ripley's "Believe it or Not" Genting Highlands and hoooh boy! I was surprised there's alot of cool and weird stuffs in there. Just watch and see for yourself. Enjoy and don't forget to subsribe in my blog as I will be updating this constantly with more cool and awesome stuffs.. Video edited in iMovie for iPad.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Singapore Missing Pet: Sammie

Have you seen a Missing local mix breed dog lost at Joo Chiat?

Name of dog: Sammie
Breed: Mixed breed
Gender: Female
age: 5 years old
Size: Medium, slender
Color: Golden brown
where was it lost: East Coast, last seen running towards Joo Chiat along Joo Chiat Place
when was it lost; 14 September 9:30 PM

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reward for Missing Shih Tzu Dog

Daisie, a female Shih Tzu went missing at Robertson Quay at 11th Sep 2011 at about 11am after she ran out of the house. According to eye witnesses, she was picked up by an Indian man (perhaps a construction worker but not in working clothes) at Robertson Quay.

Daisie's color is brown grey white. She is very friendly. Age 3. Size is 15 inches. She is microchipped. Fur is now longer than shown in the photo.

If you have any info, please contact owner at
Reward awaits finder. Please help to pass the word around.
Thank you.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Will be posting in here some random shots and mini-posts on my Kuala Lumpur- Genting travel.

Today let's jumped in to our second day when we went to Genting for a day.

We took a public bus in Puduraya Bus Terminal.
It's just few steps away from our hotel, Ancasa Hotel.

Puduraya is situated near Chinatown (100 meters). The coaches arriving and leaving from and to all parts of Malaysia.

Nearest LRT station: Pudu Station on Star LRT line.

There has been many cases of snatch thieves, targetting foreigners in particular. Be careful especially when waiting for night coaches.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

FW: Broadcast this message & you may save the lives of others!-READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY

Please take time to read ! Very important !
Tell your sons/daughters about it.

A well known family in Mequon lost their 25 year old son
(Arun Gopal Ratnam) in a fire at home June 4th.
This is what happened.
He graduated with MBA from University of Wisconsin- Madison
two weeks earlier and came home. Had a lunch with his dad at home and decided to go back to clean up his room at school. Father told him to wait and see his mother be for e he goes back for a few days. He decided to take a nap while waiting for his mom to come home from work.
Neighbors called 911 when they saw black smoke coming out of the house. Their 25 year old son Arun died in the three year old house. It took several days of investigation to find out the cause of the fire. It was determined that the fire was caused by lap top in the bed.

When the lap top is on the bed cooling fan does not get air to cool the computer and that is what caused the fire.

Uneven surface of the bedsheets has blocked the air intake vent below the CPU fan. When the laptop is placed on a flat surface i.e. on desk/table, there is a gap between the desk surface and the base of the casing to allow air to flow/suck in through the air intake vent
by the CPU fan to cool the CPU.
This paragraph is added in by sender for better understanding of the scenario.

He did not even wake up to get out of the bed he died of carbon monoxide (CO). The reason I'm writing this to all of you is that I have seen all of us using our lap top in bed. Let us all decide and make it a practice not to do that.
Risk is real. Let us make it a rule not to use lap top in bed or put computer on bed with blankets and pillows around.

Broadcast this message & you may save others!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LEAKED Facebook for iPad [video]

I have installed Facebook for ipad last night and have tested it using only my 3g network.
was able to check in quite fast but some pages or tabs like browsing photos, newsfeeds took quite a long while and then it crashed several times. Maybe that's why it's called "LEAKED"??lolx!

Anyways, I took the liberty of taking a short video ...Check it out and don't forget to share your thoughts and experience below.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

That sinking feeling: Woman finds giant sinkhole under her bed

I'm so blessed to be in Singapore!

Here's something you never want to hear: "That loud booming sound is coming from inside the house!"
That's what one Inocenta Hernandez from Guatemala City learned after a sudden noise caused her to run outside, thinking there had been an explosion nearby. When she realized the problem was inside her home, she returned to find a gaping, three feet wide, 40 feet deep sinkhole beneath her bed.

Read more..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lost Puppy : Silky Terrier at Mt. pleasant Rd. Singapore

Thomas found this puppy along Mt Pleasant Rd at 4.10pm today, 17th July 2011. Several cars in front of him stopped when they saw the puppy running along the road. Even he almost ran over it. Tried to send it to SPCA but it was closed.

You can reach Thomas at tel 9746-2500.

The puppy will be return to SPCA on 18th July (Monday) and if there is no one to claim it, it will probably be put to sleep. Please help to pass the word around to locate owner.

The photo and details at

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Friday, July 15, 2011

iPhone App Alert: iBank

iBank Mobile lets you track your day-to-day spending and monitor account balances on the go. It's easy to enter and categorize transactions, track expenses, or view running balances - all from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Desktop users of iBank for Mac can also sync transactions, account information and categories automatically and seamlessly to iBank Mobile. Then update your transactions as you work, shop or travel, and sync new data back to iBank, for perfect personal finance management. Even multiple users of iBank Mobile, such as spouses or business partners, can sync their on-the-go entries to the same desktop copy of iBank.

For sync with desktop, iBank 3.5 or higher is required.

- Quick transaction entry, even without an Internet connection
- Account balance review
- Memorized payee list
- Split transaction support
- Multi-currency support


Missing Pet in Singapore: Zach

Zach, a male Siberian Husky was missing at the Open field opposite Yishun Emerald Condo, Singapore 768427 on the early morning of 13th July 2011 (Wed). He is 3 years old, reddish brown/white in color, and medium size. His distinct feature is that one eye is reddish brown and the other eye is blue. The microchip ends with 1280.

Reward for safe return. If you have any info, please contact owner.

Details at

Please help to pass the word around in your blog or Facebook.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How To Choose The Right Blog Topic by Yaro Starak

I am definitely serious about blogging lately and to prove that,
I've purchased my first two dot coms this week.

For a kickstart, I am blessed to have chance upon Yaro Starak's blogging article tips.

If you're a newbie or still lost at blogging, this article will surely give you a direction.

Read on and more power!

Your blogging journey begins with topic
selection, which happens to be one of
the hardest parts of building a successful

Don't make the mistake of choosing the
wrong topic...


Hi Dinx,

By far the most common question I am asked from
someone new to blogging is -

"What topic should I write about?"

This is the first big decision and the first point
where everything can go wrong.

If you choose the wrong topic then you begin
walking down the wrong path and it might be months
before you even realize it and change direction.

Here's some common mistakes people make when
choosing a topic to write a blog about:

- Don't pick a subject just because you see
others make money writing about it

- Avoid writing about something you are passionate
about, but very few other people are

- Don't base a blog on a topic you know little
about or have minimal practical experience in

- Be careful not to write about too diverse a
range of subjects, your blog must have a focus


For people who have no idea what to blog about I
tell them to write down a list of their hobbies,
passions, experiences, education and skills in all
areas of life and then take that list and derive
blog topics.

In almost all cases it's easier to start a blog
from something you have an interest in, so I try
and steer people in that direction rather than get
too caught up in the potential to make money.

I honestly believe that if you have traffic you
can make money, and it's traffic that is hard to
generate. The money comes easily enough once the
traffic is in place, so it's better to seek
topics you have the most potential to build an
audience from.

For people who struggle to choose between a range
of ideas I suggest picking one and devoting a
serious amount of time to it. You have to really
"throw it against the wall and see if it sticks"
before you really know whether a blog topic will

Sometimes no amount of research, self reflection,
internal or external analysis will give you an
answer. Only the MARKET can give you a definite
result. You have to set a blog up and just start
writing and see what happens. You can always make
adjustments as you go along.

It's crucial to pick just ONE idea and not
attempt to start a blog about every topic you have
an interest in. If you spend your energy and time
across three blogs you will end up with three
average blogs. If you pour 100% of your effort
into just one blog, you give it the best chance of

At the end of a three month trial period of
focusing on just one blog you at least have a
conclusive outcome, whether successful or not.
There is no ambiguity about whether you worked
hard enough and you can honestly say you gave it
your best shot. You can continue with the blog if
it appears to be gaining traction or move on to a
different topic if it didn't.

At the end of three months of consistent blogging
you also have an ASSET. Even if your blog doesn't
have much traffic, it does have three months of
content in it, so worse comes to worst, you can
sell your blog and recoup a few hundred dollars
and then take your experience with you into your
next blog project.

There is no such thing as failure if you actually
put something out there and learn from the
experience and sometimes the only way to really
know whether a topic has potential is to test it
on a real live blog.


My friend Alborz began blogging by creating three
blogs on subjects he enjoyed and believed had
potential to become successful. He chose -

1. Cars
2. Going out in his hometown of Brisbane
3. Windows Vista (when it was in prelaunch)

He ended up writing one post a month to the Vista
blog, one post a week to the Brisbane blog and one
post a day to the car blog.

You won't have any problems guessing which blog
took off.

Yep, the car blog.

Alborz eventually dropped the other two blogs and
focused his energy on his one main blog, which
became a massive success (last I heard he was
making over $40,000 a month from it!).

All of the topics he chose had potential and he
had interest in, but only one came out on top
because of two reasons -

1. He found he was most passionate about cars,
so much so that he enjoyed writing one or more
articles per day to his blog

2. The car blog received the best response from
the market - he built an audience

Sometimes you can't make concrete decisions until
you actually test your topic ideas.

I suggest you narrow down your topic list and then
start writing. If you have no trouble producing
one new post a day, then do it for three months
and see whether people like your work.

No one can tell you what to blog about, it's up
to you to decide. Just don't stay suspended in
limbo due to decision-paralysis. Nothing will
feel 100% right until you actually start doing

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food Fest @Takashimaya July 2011

The exciting Food Fest 2011 at Takashimaya has ended.
I can say , it was worth all the effort, time, strength and experience.

I spent 10 days selling pork and chicken sausages in there.

It was a new experience for me after being stucked in the office for years doing designs and all.

I have met alot of cool and interesting people sharing the same passion and that's "Sausages!!!!"

What about the sales??

Well, all I can say is ...


See you next year peepz!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Coolest MacBook Air Unboxing in Singapore!!

Yes, MacBook Air is sweet and almost of my friends are switching to it.
I still say, "nyah!"

I'm a solid iPad freak!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blush "Undivided" Animated Video featuring Snoop Dogg

Check out the animated video clip for Blush's new song, "Undivided" featuring Snoop Dogg! The entire video was made on an iPad!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Numbers (Excel/ Spreadsheet for iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch)

Numbers (Excel/ Spreadsheet for iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch)

It’s the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. And now iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are all part of the equation. Make spreadsheets anywhere you are. Plan, organize, or analyze anything you can think of. And with a few taps of your finger, you’ll see just how beautiful data can be.

Get Numbers from
the App Store for $9.99

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taxi Booking - iphone/ipodtouch Singapore App

I love this "Taxi Booking" iphone/ipodtouch app from Comfort Delgro Singapore.

Booking a cab is such a breeze and quite fast compared to other iphone taxi booking apps.

It's reliable too. Once you fill in the necessary details like Pick up points, type of taxi you prefer, how many taxis you needed
you're all set to go.

Waiting time around 7-10minutes.

Another cool feature that I love is the Advance Booking options.

There's a $2.50 booking charge by the way. For me, it doesn't matter because it saves you the hassle in looking for a cab like on my part where I need to take my dog to a grooming session or somewhere.

Subscribe now for more cool iphone/ipodtouch/ipad updates.

Thanks !!!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Fruit Ninja X360 Kinect you are the ninja E3 HD video game trailer - X360 Kinect

WoooooW! Fruit Ninja invades Xbox 360.
This is just soooooo cool! Now, I'm gona buy Kinect because of this game.
Just so you know Fruit Ninja is one of my fave arcade games...from my iphone to my ipad.

Yeaaaah! I play Fruit Ninja almost everywhere! Too bad I dare not want to reveal my score. hahaha!


Meanwhile, watch the trailer now and let me know what you think of this game
on Kinect.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Singapore Missing Pet Alert : ANGEL

ANGEL, a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix breed dog was missing at Blk 33,
Balam Road on 11 May 2011. It is brown in color and 9 years old. Reward for safe
return. If you have any info please contact owner.

Please help to pass the word around.

Details and photos at


Monday, June 6, 2011

My Smurf Village

one last look before I make cool changes in my village.
Any suggestion?

Thank you.
Add me in Game Center: dinxcarin

Manny Pacquiao HP Commercial

wondering if Pacman is using iPhone in real life? lolx.

My New iPad Bag

saw this bag in Suntec and thought it's cool for my ipad.
Check it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Very Polite Singapore SBS Driver Made Me Smile

Singapore's SBS bus Indian driver in Jurong East Interchange
so polite and nice he really makes alot of effort greeting everyone who comes in with
"Hi, Good morning..." "Thank you. have a nice day!"

But too sad none of the passengers before me responded to him.
Everyone walked in like zombies, very numb and unresponsive. Hahaha!

I am a Filipino, and like any other pinoys, no matter where they are, it's innate in me to return back the joyful greeting.

I said "Good morning, Uncle!" then he smiled.

And it was enough to enjoy my short early morning ride of the day.

Good morning everyone!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Third Google Check

So happy today. I received another Google check from blogging.
Google never disappoints me so far. When they informed me that they're gona send out the check on 31st of May, they did!

Google can really be trusted!

Tonight when I checked my mailbox, it was right there smiling at me. Hahah!

Thank you Google!


I just want you to know that internet has great opportunities in earning $$$. You click this and that and poof, someone, somewhere is turning into a millionaire.

It's not easy. But it's not tough either. You just need to know how everything works in the world wide web, know your passion and just blog it.

Just so you know, patience will play a big part in this field.

Follow me and will be posting some of my little techniques that in some ways might add up to your knowledge.

Click subscribe now.

See you soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Creation Church iPhone/ iPodTouch App

So happy to know that our church, New Creation Singapore just launched its new iphone/ipodtouch app.

The teachings of my church has changed my life and everything in it.

Get a free taste of Joseph Prince' teachings. Let him lead you to Jesus' awesome world of rest.

Install now. It's FREE!

Be blessed..:)

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iTunes syncing Problem because of IMovie

This is a follow-up blog on my "How to Install iMovie on the Orig iPad".

After I've installed iMovie on my iPad 1, I've learnt that iTunes won't let you sync everything on your ipad anymore like iphotos album, music and newly installed apps.

A have a quick-around process to resolve this.

To do so, you need to use IPhone Configuration Utility all the time.

If you want to sync new photos, music or apps on your ipad, just hit on "Deauthorise" button when it pops out. This will delete imovie and lets you sync everything from iTunes like you used to.

Make sure you have no pending projects on hand because this process will also delete all your imovie projects.

Me? I do this after I am done with a certain project then when I need to shoot videos on my iphone again , I do it in one go and then sync.

After syncing everything, open iPhone Configuration Utility , click on your device and install imovie back again. It should be fast so no worries. :)

Hope this helps.
That's all for now.

Hit me some questions and I will try to answer.

Thank you.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good news!!
Singaporeans can now access on their iPad.

If you're a Singaporean iPad user, you just need to setup your CPF Phone PIN on your desktop to use as password and that's it!
You can now enjoy the liberty of checking your CPF profile anytime, anywhere with your amazing iPad.

However, there's no update on the iphone yet.
Subscribe now for upcoming ipad apps updates!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

My First Beatbox Ultra Composition

I need to flaunt this out. My first Beatbox Ultra composition.
let me know what you think. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Singapore Missing Pet: $1000 for Cookies

A female Shih Tze-Maltese dog named COOKIES is missing at Blk 988 Jurong West St 93 on 9th May 2011. She is one year old. $1,000 reward for safe return. For details, please visit

Please help to pass the word around.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reward for MISSING Cocker Spaniel Dog GIRL GIRL

Girl Girl,  a 5-6 months old cocker spaniel puppy was last seen at Wedge Mount Industrial Building at the Jalan Pemimpin area (near Bishan and  Marymount). She She went missing on 8 May 2011. She has glossy black fur and wears a red collar with 2 silver bells. She is an extremely friendly dog.

The owner normally lets Girl Girl run around freely as she is a very friendly dog. He actually suspects that a garang guni man took the dog from him. Apparently what happened was that after Girl Girl went missing, Peter casually asked the garang guni man if he saw the dog. Interestingly, the guy stammered. After that day, he never turned up to collect cardboxes etc from Peter's area (he used to do so everyday). After some checks, Peter found out that the garang guni man stays in the Bishan area. 

The owner stays alone and Girl Girl is his only companion. I really hope we could work together to bring her back.  He will offer a reward if Girl Girl is found.

The owner is Peter Wong. He normally lets Girl Girl run around freely as she is a very friendly dog. After Girl Girl went missing, Peter casually asked the garang guni man if he saw the dog. Interestingly, the guy stammered. After that day, he never turned up to collect cardboxes etc from Peter's area (he used to do so everyday). After some checks, Peter found out that the garang guni man stays in the Bishan area. Peter stays alone and Girl Girl is his only companion.

Please help to pass the word around. Thanks. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Singapore's Chingay Parade 2011 (Part 2/2) promised...sharing Singapore's Chingay Parade 2011 (Part 2/2)


Videos shot with my iphone 3gs.
Videos edited in iMovie for iPad 1.

Comments appreciated. Spammers will be blocked!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Female Chihuahua Missing at Jupiter Road

Pepper, a 4 years old female chihuahua ran out of the gate at Jupiter Road towards venus Park on 9th May 2011 and was missing since.

She has an Apple head with huge eyes. She is timid.

If you have any info, please contact Lynn Ang at tel  9170-1717 or email

More info at
Please help to pass the words around. Thanks.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

22 Puppies For Adoption in AVA Singapore

Saw this in my Facebook wall's friend. If you're in Singapore and a dog lover, are you going to let this opportunity pass you by?

Help!! Puppies for Adoption

Please help to pass the email below around to your friends and anyone interested. These puppies need a home. Damn those smugglers. And AVA is not making things easier by slapping a 6 mth quarantine and an exorbitant fee. The most urgent case is the Golden Retriever. She will be out of quarantine in June. I do not want to think of what AVA would do if no one adopts her. I have someone who is willing to sponsor the $3200 fee for the Goldie if the person can give the doggie a home. (She already has many dogs and cannot take another one.) ___________________ Dear Sir/Mdm, Thank you for your interest in adopting the puppies that were smuggled into Singapore. We have 22 puppies that are currently looking for homes. Details of the puppies are as follows :

1. Golden Retriever Female Date of quarantine release: 22 June 2011 Approx age at time of release: 10 months Pug (tan) (1 female, 1 male) Date of quarantine release:29 July 2011 Approx age at time of release: 7 months Shih Tzu (white & brown) (2 female, 1 male) Date of quarantine release: 29 July 2011 Approx age at time of release: 7 months Poodle (red) (3 female, 2 male) 29 July 2011 7 months British Bulldog (white & brown) (2 female, 2 male) 29 July 2011 7 months Poodle (red) (2 female, 1 male) 10 September 2011 7 months Japanese Spitz (3 female, 1 male) 10 September 2011 7 months

2 . The puppies have to undergo a 6 month quarantine to ensure that they are free from rabies. In addition, the puppies will be sterilised, microchipped and licensed before they are released from quarantine. The new owners for the puppies will be required to pay the quarantine fees which will include the costs of all vaccinations (such as puppy vaccinations and rabies vaccinations), rabies antibody titre testing, de-worming, external parasite treatment, feed and care for the 6 month quarantine period, sterilisation, microchipping and licensing. The total estimated quarantine fees is approximately $3,200 and will be billed progressively to the successful adopters during the quarantine period.

3. Members of the public who are interested in adopting the puppies are required to go through interview at AVA, during which they will be able to interact with the puppies. If you are interested in adopting any of the puppies, please send an email to

Sheikh Adra Bux, (Manager, Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station) at ;

or ii. Dr Prabhpreet Kaur (Ag Assistant Director/Animal Quarantine Section ) at

4. Please indicate the breed and sex of puppy you would like to adopt in your email and send it to Mr Bux or Dr Kaur at the above email addresses by 23 May 2011. If you are interested in more than one breed, please rank them in order of preference. We will follow up with you on the interview appointment as soon as possible.

5. We look forward to hearing from you.

Noorain Jubli | Admin Executive | Communications & Corporate Relations Department | Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority Tel 6325 7315 | Fax 6223 5383 | Website

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Install iMovie On The Original iPad [HD]

Note: before installing imovie on your ipad, sync tons of your photos/videos first
while watching this tutorial.

Also, please take note that after installing iMovie on your ipad 1,
you will have some issues syncing some of your photos or videos in itunes. This will popout.

When this happens, just hit on Cancel.
As for the moment, I'm figuring out a way on how to add photos/videos direct to my ipad without syncing it in itunes. For my photos, I have saved it in another applications like Dropbox, Googledocs and extract the photos from there.

Will update you on my workaround with transferring videos without buying expensive accesories later on.

For now, enjoy iMovie with your existing pictures and movies.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

iPhone App of The Day : BestTextPicture

BestTextPictures - Fun and creative SMS for iPhone Texting

Wana impress your friends?
Spice up your texting with Text Pictures!
ASCII art made just for iPhone texting!
See the samples below.

-> Share with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Tumblr and built-in Emailer!

-> Create your own Text Pictures and save them to your customized category and optionally email it to the developer and maybe see your creation show up in full version of Text Pictures Pro

-> with iOS4, send text messages in-app, without having to leave the app

-> Copy any Text Pictures or Emote to the Clipboard to use in other apps!

Get it now.

It's FREE on the Appstore!

Subscribe now for more awesome iphone apps update----->

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