Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 Puppies in need of a home

Saw this post in my facebook wall and it broke my heart.
These pups are soooo cute to be abandoned.
Wish I could adopt any of them but unfortunately, they are not HDB approved.

So I am helping them in my own little way to get a good home.

"Many puppies were born stray, and they most definitely did not choose for that. Just like any other puppy, they deserve to be loved and cared for. Will you be the one to give them a second chance in life? 

This 9 puppies are in need of adoption/fostering as the condition that they are leaving in, are not ideal. The area gives the puppies dirty fur and rashes easily and there is always the fear of the puppies going missing.

When the puppies were only 1.5 months, two of the puppies got involved in an accident. One of them, unfortunately, died tragically.. with its intestines and inner organs all falling out. The other one was really fortunate to survive, but with a crashed tail. The lucky one was then named Shortie, because of its tail.

Two other puppies (Brown & Milky) were being adopted previously but got returned as the families said that they could not handle the puppies' mischievous acts. 

The puppies were most likely being born on the 16 of April.

Please contact Crystal at 97860886/ or Suat at 90308662/ if you are interested to give these puppies a new lease of life."

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