Monday, May 24, 2010

Skatingboarding Sculptures

Skateboarders show their appreciation for the arts.

canonball by Scuban

Tao kitpullap Preduce Thailand By natsakhonbut

Sculpture Skate  By marekogien

Chris jones ollie By cornishskatelegend

Edu Acosta By grinch
Flo Marfaing Flip Fakie By cornishskatelegend

Kris Vile Switch flip By cornishskatelegend

Rhys Grogan Frontside Noseslide By cornishskatelegend

Doug Mclaughlan Nosegrab By cornishskatelegend
Daryl Nobbs Frontside Rock By cornishskatelegend
mackey front rock By cornishskatelegend
bilbao By dougiefresh
Sculpture Skate By james_watson


mscocoz said...

VERY cool pix! Are these all from Singapore? I don't think they could get away with that in america, the US really poo-ppo's on the skateboarders parade at times, although they did finally get it that people have a passion for skateboarding and started building skateparks which I was happily surprised to see that happen. These pics are almost better than seeing the whole thing of the skater doing the trick, i mean to capture them at such a brilliant moment. I hope the skaters themselves get to see these! I have always admired the skateboarder and bmx riders too, I can watch them do that stuff all day!

Blog Attack said...

Sorry this isn't from Singapore. I just saw it in one of my links.
So soooooorry for very late reply.
Are you still there?