Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 4 as a Property Agent

Day 4 of my training as a Property Agent here in Singapore.

It's not easy.

Disappointments here and there.

Last minute cancelled viewing.

Some rude agents.

Fussy landlords.

Calls. Calls. Calls. And alot of calls.

Sms. Sms. Sms. And a lot of sms.


Things can happen.
Some events maybe are disappointing
that in my heart it may prompt me anytime to just stop and find another easy boring 8-5day job.

It's easy to do that. Yes.
But well that's NOT me.

For now, giving up is not in my mind yet.

I have prayed to Jesus to give me the desire to make it in this journey. If this is not for me, He will tell me.
If it's for me, you'll see.

Am I disappointed today?

Yes. I am.

But that emotion wont stop me.

It's temporary.

Why do I know?

Because my heart tells me so.

I may not have closed the viewing tonight but it's alright.

I've made some few agent friends to expand my network.

That alone to me.. is priceless.


Jesus is with me.

That's the best assurance that I have. :)

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