Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is why I love HOOTSUITE!

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hootsuite iphone app is to Twitter what Gmail is to email. It’s like a swiss army knife for twitter. So if you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it. It’s my favorite twitter client and it’s web based. You get all the benefits of the cloud and none of the BS that comes from traditional desktop software. IE software updates syncing between multiple computers etc etc…

The new Hootstuite iPhone App (iTunes link) includes all of that functionality. The app is snappy, easy to use, and slick. It allows you to go between you mentions, DMs, etc with the swipe of the finger. Just like paging through your apps. It also has infinite scrolling ala Google Reader. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks as Ryan Holmes aka @invoker gave it to me to check out. You can get the app starting December 10th, 2009.


* Multiple Twitter Accounts
* It’s fast
* It’s clean
* The UI is very well done
* It does stats


* Initial setup wasn’t as simple as it could have been.

IMHO the Hootsuite iPhone app is the best twitter client for the iPhone.

[Get the Hootsuite iPhone app (iTunes link) | or visit]

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