Monday, August 10, 2009

Skyride and Luge at Sentosa, Singapore

I told you. Once is really Not enough!
Sentosa's skyride and luge, here we come (again)!

Step back as we are getting ready for an exciting ride unto the next side.

The seats were not made to accomodate you.
You gotta be quick and alert in stepping unto the platform and wait for the moving wheel of seats to fetch you.
Hop unto the seat real quick and experience one of the best rides in town!

That's our queue!

The ride!

Watch out for tower 2. Say cheese for the camera. It will cost you $10 for the print out.

It gets a little scary when you're at the top.

Thoughts like, ' hooh boy! What if we fall! What if the cables are unstable????"

Yeah. Scary. But we won't let it spoil our way.
Seeing the awesome sceneries below us took our fears away!

I love this part- The Luge ride!!

Don't forget the helmets!

While at the queue.
Here we gooooooo!

See you soon for the next ride!
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