Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Batam here we come!

Ok, I'm all geared for a weekend getaway at Batam, Indonesia ..
I'm checking out some cool todo's and how-tos in some of
my forums ..tic tac tic tac..

This short trip is going to be worthwhile and superduper exciting!
I can feel it in my booooones! Wooot!

Here are few of the pictures I have gathered .

Barelang Bridge. . . Hope I can get my own version shots of this.
They say, this is a hidden place in Batam??? It's called Nongsa...

Kampong side of Batam..

there's an option to go on wakeboarding too...I like!!!

gokaaaaart!! I don't wana miss this one !

Who says Batam is only for a nice treat of Spa's and villas?

Will be posting cool pics when we are back...:)

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