Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't blame it on Crocs

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So it is indeed true, escalators love to savor on Crocs! lolx
Let me just clear it out, I am not so into crocs but I am not against it either.

This incident happened and we were there.

We saw it with our own eyes. Crocs-look-alike got stucked on the escalator
of Vivo City in front of our face!

Last year, I heard one child lost her/his big toe on the same incident
in Woodlands.

Scary ha?
Good thing, I don't have it!

I have been hearing stories about this for almost 2years now.

Are they (the crocs family) are doing something about it?
Hope so.
Well, as for me, accidents happen, whether you're wearing that lovely rubber clogs,
imitation or not.
So I must say, just take extra careful while you're on the escalator.
Keep your feet safe by stepping at the middle.

photos on copyright

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