Saturday, September 1, 2012

WorldVentures Boot Camp 2012 Singapore

Today's Worldventures Millionaire Boot Camp was awesome.

I learnt alot on being focus and confident in my product and business.

Your life passes you by so fast
the next time you know it
you've already passed one year without having accomplished or done so much.

And then regrets will start to knock you off. Telling yourself with alot of what ifs , how comes and why nots.

All supposed-to-be-good memories are gone.

Been there.

Done that.

My years have been filled with so much comfort doing the same things all over. I was scared of new things and stuff to try.
I fear of change.

I thought I was ok.
I thought everything's ok.

But somewhere deep inside of me my soul is screaming.

It wanted so much more of LIFE.

I want to do what I want
what I need when I want it to be done and still live a good life.

Am i talking of being rich?

Maybe that lifestyle is getting there
BUT all I want is FREEDOM.

Freedom from an 8-5, Mon-Fri job and still earning $$$ with no stress.

I thought it's just a make-believe but until worldventures come...

Today, I have witnessed testimonials from real people and from real events in life.

They wanted the same thing that i do. And they are actually receiving what they call a "passive income".

I say WOW!!!

Worldventures is really for me.

You know why?

Because it does not only offer
getting your life back with residual income (as long as your focus) and doing it with being a FUN person you are on the right track!

This is a very cool and healthy company!

Do you agree with me?

And I shall say "WOW" again and again and again.

I have written some success quotes from the boot camp and I'm gonna share it with you on my next blog, that's after tomorrow's bootcamp.

Today let me share with you 3 POWERFUL words that you need to carry with you no matter what industry or endeavor you are in.

They are.

Point 1) Pay Attention

Point 2) Be Excited

Point 3) Do NOT QUIT

Will explain and stress on these on my coming blogs...

See you on my next blog guys.

Kinda sleepy already. Need to wake up tomorrow early morning for the Worldventures last day bootcamp ....

Goodnight and God bless.

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