Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Firewire 800-400 Cable Converter for the new Macs

Ok so it's your day today cuz your boss got you a new macbook pro!


You have updated the softwares, Installed some applications in it, so loved it , etc.
But when the moment comes that you're just ready to pull out some files in your hardrive,
you totally have forgotten about your old firewire hardrive's port connection.

(with USB powered portable hardrives, there should be no problem so don't worry. )

I can hear you saying,

"Uh ohhhh!"

Don't fret ok?

So what are you gona do?

Are you planning to buy some new firewire cables with 400 port in it to solve the problem?

I say, don't do that first.

Firewire cables cost around $80 here in Singapore but if you can find some good deals, why not?

For now, my advice is to get that
Firewire 800-400 cable converter first and voila!

Your life is back to normal again..:)

I got my 800-400 Firewire cable converter at a discounted member price of $27.90 from its original price at $29.90 in Challenger.

Now, I'm ready to go!

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See yah again next time, Mac addicts!

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