Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evaluating Myself as a Christian

As I look at myself this morning in the mirror,
I could say...
I've change a lot.

Emotionally, physically, mentally
and spiritually.

And it's all for the best!

Looking back few years ago

it pricked my heart to see myself where I've been.

I was so full of fear, frustrations, discouragement, negative, and to put it plain simple...

I was walking on hell.

Life was empty.






Fastforward to this day.

All I can say is.


What makes me feel so blessed
and joyful this way?


Can you think of few things for me?






No, I have not become rich like
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

I don't have millions in my bank account.

I don't even have my own car.

Or have built my own house..

You see,

I got Nothing..


J E S U S!


Jesus fills my heart with so much Unexplainable joy that when I turn around to breath and feel the air, I feel so wonderful just to have it anywhere.

I appreciate the sounds of trains, chirping of the birds and any sound that I can hear because I feel so blessed to just have it come alive.

I feel happy.

Sometimes, with what's going on around me and in this world,
it makes me feel guilty just
being so happy.


Oh my Jesus!

I don't know how You're doing it

But THANK YOU for everything.

Some atheists would say You're just a figment of my own imagination but still I say,

Thank you for making me sane.


Thank you Jesus!

You are so wonderful!

Have a good and blessed day everyone!

Need to transfer to the next train. :)

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